5 lessons learned in life or at school that will pay off in your job search

Posted: 18th Jan

While you might never need to calculate the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle, other lessons you’ve learned over time will help you in your job search. In fact, you’ve probably learned more than one lesson or two.

Remember the times when you have achieved a goal or felt proud of your results and approach your job search with these in mind.

  1. Social media distractions: In the same way that social media distracts you from getting things done, studying or writing your assignments, it can distract you from submitting job applications. Keep your browsing time to a minimum or use the time to research the companies that interest you.
  2. Time management: Assignments handed in late lose marks. Job applications handed in late lose you jobs. Submit everything on time by prioritising with daily and weekly goals to research companies, write cover letters and network.
  3. Failure and rejection: Success isn’t guaranteed. You won’t be offered an interview for every job you apply for and maybe you won’t even be given feedback but you can review your own efforts. Review your resume for its relevance to the jobs you’re applying for, check spelling and grammar, update your skills and manage your online profiles. Is your email address work appropriate?
  4. Manage your mental health: Not having a job can be discouraging and affect your mental health with pressure to be continually doing something to land a job. Instead, allocate a portion of your day to your job search, applications and reviews but also make sure you are exercising, socialising and managing your mental health.
  5. Communicate well: Market yourself to potential employers through well written and great oral communication skills. Show the best of yourself by being concise but thorough. Your resume or curriculum vitae is the overview of you and your career that will help you find a perfect employment match, so tailor it to promote yourself and your skills.

Tip: Registered users on the Work in Central Queensland platform can create an AirCV (a virtual curriculum vitae) that can be found by employers and recruiters searching online.

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