Aquaculture - a growth industry in Central Queensland

Posted: 9th Mar

Defined as the farming of aquatic organisms including fish, molluscs, crustaceans and aquatic plants, Aquaculture is one of Queensland’s growing food and agribusiness industries in the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017-22 with a 2020 report showing the industry has seen an increase in production and jobs for the sector.

Across Queensland, more than 600 people were employed in aquaculture, growing 18.7% in 2018-19. The total value of the industry also grew by 3.7% to $118.4 million and an increase in total production of 6.1%.

Across the Central Queensland area, four land-based Aquaculture Development Areas (ADAs) have been identified:

These ADAs encourage responsible aquaculture development while minimising environmental impacts. The aquaculture industry produces high-quality seafood for export.

Investment in the local aquaculture industry is continuing with the Queensland Government investing $2.5 million for Rockhampton State High School to build an aquaculture training and research facility to prepare students for jobs in the fast growing industry.

The aquaculture project at Rockhampton State High School is a partnership project with CQUniversity, Rockhampton Regional Council, local industries and sporting groups.

Aquaculture farmers are involved in all aspects of aquatic farming operations to breed and raise fish and other aquatic stock. A VET qualification is generally necessary for entry-level employment.

If you’re interested in learning more about working in aquaculture, apprenticeships and traineeships are available to assist in developing the range of skills needed. Eligible students can study full-time, part-time or be school-based.

For more information on working in aquaculture, click here, or here for essential information for starting and running an aquaculture business.