The Monthly Meetup: An update from the WiCQ Working Group

Posted: 20th Apr

Welcome to the WiCQ

As many of our members and partners are experiencing right now, labour shortage in Central Queensland is a real challenge. That is why in the latter half of 2020, Capricorn Enterprise invested in and launched the Work in Central Queensland strategy.

The Work in Central Queensland (WiCQ) working group meets on a regular basis to collaborate, identify and discuss ideas and strategies to support the growth of Central Queensland. The members come from various backgrounds, from the public and private sectors.

The Regional Australia Institute has identified a monumental shift in relocation trends with higher numbers of metropolitan residents than ever seeking to move to a regional community. We as a community need to take advantage of this movement now.

As this is the WiCQ working group's very first article, I would like to thank the founding members for their continued passion and drive to make Central Queensland the preferred region for employers and jobseekers.

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Otherwise contact me at the Capricorn Enterprise office. I look forward to seeing you out and about somewhere in the CQ.

Neil Lethlean
Economic Development Manager
Capricorn Enterprise
Chair – Work in Central Qld Working Group

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